Chee Ting Company Limited (CHEE TING CO. LTD.)

Location : 40 Village No.3, Ban Phueng-Khao Din Rd., Khao Din, 

Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao 24130

TEL.033-029-369 FAX.033-171-889

E-Mail : Chee.ting.111.999@gmail.com

Company Slogan: We will strive to continuously develop and produce quality and safe products that meet the needs of consumers. Delivery on time. Service with heart and ensure compliance with statutory.

Incorporation Date: July 9, 2019

Registered Capital: 3,000,000 THB

Estimated sales per year: 20,000,000 THB/year

Chief administrator: Jiraporn Wanghomklang   Position: Managing Manager (MD)

Food Safety System

HACCP Intertek

Food Safety System

Our products have passed the standard production process. Every implementation from selecting quality ingredients from various sources has met the standard. Therefore, our food production processes are accurate in every step until they are delivered to our customers, including to our inventory management system to meet the demand.

Our company continuously emphasizes the development of production systems to be modern always for efficient production processes and develop the potential of human resources and focus on systematic teamwork.